A change in seasons means a change in wardrobe. When those first buds of spring pop up, it’s time to put away the wool sweaters and take out the linen dresses. The same goes for footwear! Leather boots end up at the back of the closet, replaced by sandals and jute espadrilles.

But these shoes have protected our feet from the cold and the rain all winter, so they deserve one final pampering before we send them into hibernation. That way, they’ll be as good as new when fall rolls around again.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to clean them:

1. First, take an eraser and clean the scuffs and marks from your boots.

2. Next, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away any encrusted dirt from the leather, and then do the same for the sole.

3. Let your shoes air dry completely.

4. Use a sponge to gently spread a COLORLESS nourishing cream over the leather.

5. Shine with a soft-bristled brush to restore the leather's natural luster.

6. Tuck balls of crumpled newspaper into your shoes to support their shape.

7. If possible, store them in a box so they won’t gather dust or become misshapen.