The time has come to present Sukha, our new ribboned espadrille.

Sukha, which means happiness, pleasure, ease, and well-being in the Hindu tradition, is the name we’ve chosen for this new style. However these espadrilles are not just another pair of shoes, they are a true declaration of intent: to seek out happiness with each step, comfort with every movement, and well-being with each day.

But what is a story without its protagonists? In this case, a friend and loyal follower of Naguisa, Ana from La Modernista, who happens to live in Mexico, was the muse that inspired life into the style Sukha. After numerous conversations with Ana, we realized it was time for SOC, our iconic ribboned style, to evolve. So, with Ana as our accomplice and ambassador, we started brewing the idea of Sukha.

Just like SOC, Sukha is a design that adapts to you and your style. Ribboned espadrilles are a versatile piece that can bring harmony to any outfit. Jeans and a linen shirt for a casual look? A breezy floral dress for a sunny stroll? Or perhaps your favorite bikini for a day of relaxation at the beach? Sukha has an answer for all these options.

As a worthy successor to SOC, Sukha also features multiple ribbon combinations, allowing you to choose the color that best represents you and your style. Choose between pink, camel, and black.

Now, Sukha unfurls before you, radiating positive energy, ready to accompany you on your summer adventures. Ready?