What if your Naguisas get wet this summer?

Naguisa espadrilles, with their jute soles, are the ideal shoes for enjoying summer. Jute, which is a natural vegetable fiber, is valued for its breathability and ability to absorb sweat, creating a healthy environment for your feet. However, you have to take special care around one of its weak points: water.

So, what if your Naguisas get wet this summer?

Well, water can pose some serious problems for your beloved espadrilles. Due to the natural porosity of jute, it absorbs water easily, which can deform the sole of the shoe. In addition to this loss of shape, moisture can cause the fibers to rot, resulting in bad odor. This is definitely not ideal, so avoiding water is an essential part of keeping your Naguisas in tip-top shape.

So, what should you do if a spontaneous summer storm catches you and your Naguisas out, or you slip up and get them wet in the ocean?

If the sole is only a little wet, this situation is easily solved. You can dry your Naguisas with a hair dryer, which will help evaporate the moisture without damaging the fibers. However, avoid the temptation to leave them to dry in the sun as it may affect the color of the leather.

If the water has soaked into the sole of your Naguisas to the point that it is completely swollen, it may unfortunately be time to bid them farewell. If this is the case, the jute fibers will have absorbed too much water and the structure of the sole will be irreparably damaged.

Nevertheless, remember that each pair of Naguisa espadrilles is crafted with love and care. If it is indeed time to say goodbye to a pair, you can rest assured knowing that your next pair of Naguisas will rise to the occasion to accompany you on all your summer adventures.

Which are your next Naguisa espadrilles?