A sea of olive trees reaches towards the horizon in all directions. The stout, knotted branches are a testament to hard work and tradition, loyalty and strength. Here, OLIVIA is the heroine, whose seed imbues everything with hope, tranquility and harmony. She dashes through the fields, swinging on the branches, scrambling over stones and letting the wind tie her hair in knots. OLIVIA is joyous and expansive, her only aim is the search for happiness.

With a fistful of soil in each pocket and an olive branch as her flag, OLIVIA represents the Mediterranean nature of Naguisa, highlighting bold colors like green, blue and fuchsia to emphasize passions and desires.

OLIVIA is as free and explosive as a summer storm. With her lyrical smile, her kindness is contagious, and everywhere she goes calm follows in her carefree steps.

Since its origins, over a decade ago, Naguisa identity has been connected to the Made in Spain artisan tradition. OLIVIA represents those origins, bringing them back to life with new cage style silhouettes, reinterpretations of classic models, and a wide variety of sole designs in the woven sandal family.

OLIVIA is more than a simple footwear collection, it is a testament to our love for life and everything that makes it beautiful. An homage to simplicity, the art of doing things right, and the legacy we want to leave Naguisa for the future.

The beauty of OLIVIA lies in its simplicity, its ability to surprise us with unique details, and its comfort, which allows us to feel free and capable of walking anywhere. This collection invites you to feel joy, optimism, and confidence, ensuring each step is a step towards happiness.

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