“Ten watercolors were made from that star.” — Joan Didion about Georgia O’Keeffe, The White Album

BOREAL beckons us to the top of the mountain toward that elusive, magical glow. A powerful connection between the earth, roaming solar particles, and an evening star or two... like Georgia O’Keeffe, we’re exhilarated, inspired. We see a bold, vital woman: loyal to her roots but constantly exploring. A tireless advocate for what’s local, with the courage to forge ahead toward any horizon.

This forward-looking collection remains faithful to Naguisa’s values and to the traditions we’ve built on over these past 10 years. Our own cosmos in constant expansion, where we feel perfectly at ease.

With BOREAL, we've painted a nuanced sky in a palette of “nocturnal” colors. Constellations and stars christen new styles, and comfort always prevails.  

Flats, ankle boots, and boots to climb toward our highest self.