Our relationship with Ana dates back to 2018 when she opened her store La Modernista in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She is the epitome of what it means to run a sustainable business. Inspired by ethical and timeless brands, she lets her values, passion for all things Mediterranean, and her tenacity sail the ship.

Ana was kind enough to let us explore her store and shared with us a little about how she got started and what it was that led her to open the doors of La Modernista.

Who is Ana? How would you define yourself? (Please tell us a little bit about you.)

I’m Ana, born and raised in México, since a very young age I was super curious and wanted to live abroad.

The first time I visited Barcelona I was 18 years old, and I knew right then I wanted to move there at some point in my life … but first came NY. I moved to NY when I was 23 and loved every minute, but my eyes where set in Barcelona, so I finally moved there at 25 to study a master’s degree in communications & PR.

Then I started working for a big fashion and fragrance company and stayed there for almost ten years, working in fashion PR, traveling the world, organizing events, interviews and so much more, I loved it! I was so passionate about it, but the heart and the time I put on it sometimes had no limits, and at the end is not for yourself, so my husband encourage me and him, of course, to create something of our own, that would fulfill and challenge us and make us grow.

Launching our own company has made me realize I’m not only good in PR, but I also discovered I have other abilities, like accounting, in store design, sales, ecommerce, digital platforms, customs and international commerce, logistics and so much more that I have learn during this time.

WOW! and the learning process is endless, and that’s what I love the most, to learn something new every day.

¿When did you open La Modernista? Could you give us a brief history of your shop? What prompted you to launch your own business?

The beginning of the project started in early 2018. My husband always said that there was so much future in Latin America, specifically Mexico, it has a very young population and over 130 million people, so the market has a lot of potential.

When thinking about the project and type of business we wanted to do, it came to my mind all the things that I love about Barcelona and its culture, and why I feel so identified and at ease, so I realized the Mediterranean lifestyle is what I love the most, and we both felt totally aligned.

We love simple, beautiful, and functional things. We enjoy eating delicious not pretentious food, we appreciate design and art that becomes part of your daily life. We love dressing in well design garments made with natural fabrics and seasonless style. We believe that if something is made with great materials and has great design you should enjoy wearing and using it for a long, long time.

So, that’s how it started, we launched a business that offers all those products and brands that we love and appreciate also for their production processes … It’s our lifestyle.

The store has been open since 2019 and we love having this Mediterranean space in the heart of Mexico.

Our heart still skips a beat every time a costumer says how much they love our products, and of course I do a happy dance every time a client comes back to buy another pair of Naguisa espadrilles.

Can you share a moment you’ll always remember as an entrepreneur?

It’s so hard to narrow it down to one moment, but I will always remember one day David and I were working in our house in San Miguel de Allende, with tons of paperwork on the table that was in process with different official entities. I was reviewing the application for the importing license, which is a whole other thing. I logged in on the platform, went to the site and BOOM!!! It was approved! The key to our business … to be able to bring all these products from the Mediterranean! We were officially ready!

Of all our designs to date, which is your favorite Naguisa?

It’s impossible for me to choose a favorite, I love them all and I ‘m impressed on how you continue designing new styles that remain true to Naguisa’s essence.

I love Thalis for summer, wearing them with dresses, from day to night ... but if I had to, I guess SOC is my all-time favorite. I think is the perfect espadrille for any woman, its classic design with a modern twist, makes it simple to style it with any look, from casual to a dressier occasion. SOC gives the comfort and natural elegance to anyone who wears it, no matter age, or style, it suits everyone.

Do you recommend us your favorite look to combine with a pair of Naguisa?

There is nothing like a cotton white top, from t-shirts to shirts and tops… I like to keep it simple, so you will often find me wearing a white t-shirt paired with my new obsession, this pleat striped pants in organic cotton by BOBO CHOSES woman, they are so comfortable and out of the ordinary, they are awesome!