Interview with Carla Fuentes

N.: We’ve known each other for 12 years: when we began to sketch out what Naguisa would be, you formed part of that process. How would you define that collaboration?
C.F.: I remember it with particular fondness because it was one of the first and also with you; back then you were starting as well and trusted in me for something as important as the start of Naguisa. It was a really fun partnership and I think it turned out really well with those Vietnamese women inspired by your trip.

N.: Can you share anything interesting about that partnership?
C.F.: I clearly remember the workshop where you made the esparto soles and cut the leather pieces for the shoes; I loved it. And I also remember when I received, at home, the box we made with the landscape and the shoes inside. I was delighted, I thought it was so pretty the way it turned out.

Caja de la colaboración con Carla Fuentes en 2013

N.: Any advice you would give to the you of 10 years ago?
C.F.: I don’t know if I’d give myself any advice about work, I’d simply say to myself, “Hey! You’re here! Keep drawing! I think that would have calmed me down, not to be continually thinking I’d have to change profession each year.

N.: What are some of your go-to tools: a favourite brush, paper, a soundtrack or artist for creative work?
C.F.: Right now I’m rediscovering oil. Since university, when I used it a lot, I haven’t been able to use it again, both because of its complexity at a technical level and because I didn’t really know how to get it to fit without losing the style and what I wanted to express. Now I’ve been able to take it up again and dedicate time and patience to it. I think cool things are coming out.

N.: Have you always had confidence in your style or is it something one learns with time?
C.F.: Well, I think I had a different way of doing things and I’ve polished it over time. I guess not stopping doing something gives you more experience and confidence over the years.

N.: Can you share more about your background and your education? What has made the greatest impression on you, contributing to creating the woman you are today?
C.F.: Yes, I went to a school that really encouraged creativity and we never stopped drawing and painting. Then there is also the education from my parents, very focused on the creative as well and on self-confidence, never stopping doing things and working a lot on whatever you like best.

N.: Beyond your trade, is there anything else you’re interested in learning more about? Or any hobbies that steal your time?
C.F.: Well, as it happens, I’ve actually been using this lockdown to do something I’ve been wanting to learn for ages: Tarot. I’m doing an online course with an Argentinian school and I love it. ;) Before long I’ll be a Tarot reader.

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