Cecilia Renard

Looking at Cecilia Renard’s photographs is like reading a personal diary. Daily life unfolds and she records it with the subtlety and silence of someone who places an emphasis on the details.

Skin and sea can induce the same calm. In her photos an instant seems to be suspended in almost dreamlike time. Entering into her universe means travelling along a path as the sun goes down, imagining the taste of a freshly washed piece of fruit or listening to the way the tree branches flick against one another in a strong wind.

Cecilia Renard, like Naguisa, prefers the things that happen slowly, the things done with loving care, the things that refer to identity and make a poetic gesture of the material.

When we met Cecilia, our souls clenched then expanded in a matter of seconds. Here at Naguisa we knew then that she was the one who had to photograph our collections and we took steps to make that happen. The connection was as natural as it was obvious and Cecilia became part of Naguisa from behind the lens.

This partnership has led Cecilia to describe the relationship that exists between artisans and the landscape through her camera and our Agraria collection. Rooted in the past and designed to last for many a year to come. As expressed in all of her images, in any object there is additional value that transcends function and becomes art.

Now, a carefully chosen selection of Cecilia Renard’s photographic archive – in postcard and 21.4 cm x 32.1cm formats- will be on sale at our Ciutadella store. A photo exhibition “with no name” so that you can decide what attributes are suggested by the delightful pleasure of observing her images at a leisurely pace, as though time stood still or had a different rhythm, one which you also choose.