For many of us, autumn in the city is a treat. It means a bit of relief after the suffocating heat of the summer, cozy knitwear, and a marvelous show of color on the trees. But it also heralds the dreaded arrival of winter, when daylight will be in short supply and we’ll be drowning in thermal layers and heavy coats to fight the sub-zero temperatures. That’s why fall is a season to enjoy and explore, to recharge our batteries, and to reconnect with nature.

Before the weather changes completely, take the opportunity to wander around the city. Put on your comfy sneakers. Step by step, allow yourself to travel back in time to when you were young, just beginning to discover the city for yourself. Climb stairs and run down cobblestone streets as you look up at the shapes and forms that define the city’s skyline.

But don’t stop there. This is the season when the golden-auburn trees manage to blur the city limits. Make the most of your versatile Naguisa sneakers and follow the palette of oranges, browns, and yellows all the way to the mountains. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the crisp, clear light and the stunning mid-November foliage spread out before you.

From up here, everything is possible. This is where nature reclaims its beauty after a dry summer. And among pines, chestnut trees, and a hazelnut tree or two, you put your Naguisa to the test.