Project: Design a shoe with a jute sole

Aimed at: the NAGUISA community as a whole with the exception of professional footwear designers. NAGUISA team members and panel judges are not allowed to participate.

Contest rules for the 10th Anniversary of Naguisa, organized by Taller Naguisa S.L., tax ID No. B65848236 and business address at C/Alexandre Goicoechea, 6 local 10 de Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona

1. AIM

The aim of this Contest is to reward the Naguisa community that creates a talented design of a shoe with a jute sole that complies with the founding principles upheld by the brand. The initial edition of this contest is part of the communication project that the brand has been implementing for some years now. The purpose of said project is to give Naguisa wearers an up-close look at how the shoes are designed and created. The goal is to educate the community about the work that goes into creating a product, and not just the creation of an object for consumption. Therefore, we hope that Naguisa customers will apply their enthusiasm, imagination, and talent to innovate and reinterpret what will represent the rebirth of the Naguisa brand 10 years after its initial foundation.


The theme of the contest is to create a design that aligns with the four principles that uphold the brand:

· Unique design

· Comfort

· Suitable for industrialization

· Marketable


The open call for submissions to the Contest shall be shared on the website www.naguisa.com, as well as through the brand’s relevant social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram.

These rules will be available on the Naguisa website as of June 10th, 2022


Any individual pertaining to the NAGUISA community may participate in the Contest in an individual manner with the exception of professional footwear designers. Team members and panel judges are not allowed to participate either.


Individuals may sign up or enter up to June 30th, 2022.

Entry is free and can be completed via the form available on the Naguisa website. An entry confirmation email will be sent that includes access to the supplementary information (forms, documentation, etc.)

Participants will be notified via email regarding proper receipt of the necessary documentation.

Questions, if any, can be directed to contest@naguisa.com

Listed below is the documentation required to complete registration, as well as the deadlines:

A. PERSONAL INFORMATION: The contestants’ information, including ID/Passport No., address (street, town, ZIP code, and province), contact telephone, e-mail, etc.


· File. This can be downloaded from the contest registration confirmation e-mail.

The file has 6 A4-size pages:

- P.1 Inspiration and/or sketches from the design process. Mandatory for participation.

- P.2/P.3/P.4: design of the shoe’s silhouette. Choose one of the three forms. Only one of the three pages must be completed.

- P.5: list of materials. Mandatory for participation.

- P.6: photos of mock-ups. Optional.

- Byword or slogan: must be included on all pages. To guarantee anonymity of the Contest participants, all design proposals shall be presented under a byword chosen by the participant.

Deliverables shall always be presented in DIGITAL FORMAT to the email address contest@naguisa.com


The deadline for presenting projects is Monday September 5th, 2022 before 12:00 midnight.


The panel of judges presiding over the contest shall include:

· Claudia Pérez Polo, Creative Director and Co-founder of Naguisa

· Pablo Izquierdo López, CEO and Co-founder of Naguisa

· Yolanda Aranda López from Studio Yolanda Aranda

· Two individuals associated with the B2B channel

· One individual associated with fashion news media

· Two sales representatives from the Naguisa B2B sales channel

An initial preselection will be made of the projects that fulfil and comply with the following criteria: Identity (of the NAGUISA brand) and Manufacturing Feasibility. The Naguisa founders will complete the preselection process on September 9, 2022.

On September 12, 13, 14, 2022, the preselected projects will be shared on the brand’s Instagram account so that the Naguisa brand can vote on their favorite design. This popular vote will be counted as an additional vote when the judges panel makes its final decision.

The final day of the contest, all the documentation for each of the projects will be displayed (digitally or physically) so the judges can make their decision.

The person responsible for receiving the projects will provide the Judges with a password-protected file or document with the contact information for the participants, identified according to their byword, which will only be opened after the winner is chosen in order to guarantee the anonymity of the design proposals. The winners of the Contest will be announced on the Naguisa communication platforms. The Judges’ decision shall be publicly announced on September 16th, 2022. Participants will be notified by email and the decision will be shared on the Naguisa website and social media.


Limited production of the winning design and participation in the definition and manufacturing process in the form of video conference meetings with the founders and the Naguisa design team.

A digital book will be published to present all the projects entered in the contest.


· Acceptance of the rules / The contestants agree to accept both the rules and agreements as well as the Judges’ decision, which shall be final. The Secretary and/or the Judges shall respond to any questions regarding the interpretation of these Conditions, as well as other aspects related to the Contest, with the purpose of resolving said aspects, without prejudice to the rights of the other contestants.

· Intellectual property / The contestants agree to not reveal their design proposals prior to the Judges’ final decision. Without prejudice to the authors’ recognition, all the presented projects shall be the property of Taller Naguisa, S.L., and may be published or displayed at its discretion, with no limits regarding territory nor time.

· Anonymity / To guarantee anonymity of the Contest participants, all design proposals shall be presented under a byword. For more information, see Section 4 “Entry and Presentation of Projects” of these rules.

· Guarantees / Taller Naguisa, S.L. assumes no liability from which claims for compensation for damage, delay, or loss of shipments can be derived.

· Exclusion criteria / Presentation of design proposals past the deadline. Failure to comply with the rules regarding presentation and anonymity. The presence of inaccuracies and obvious contradictions in the content of the design proposal. Failure to comply with the criteria defined in these rules, as well as any other lack of compliance with clauses stated herein.

· Data protection / With the aim of notifying contestants about activities related to the Naguisa brand and in accordance with the GDPR, the contestants’ personal data will be added to a computerized file for which Taller Naguisa, S.L. is responsible. Entering this Contest represents your agreement with these terms. You may exercise your rights to data access, rectification, cancelation and opposition by writing to info@naguisa.com