At Naguisa, we like to think that we are all a part of one big family. A brand you choose to trust year in and year out, that you recommend to your sisters, mothers and friends, and which you feel supported by no matter what, thanks to our excellent team working hard behind the scenes.

With your support, little by little, we’ve woven this fabric of friendship, trust and ease that is closing in on 10 years together. As with any family that looks out for each other, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to once again give you a little piece of Naguisa this holiday season.

To do so, the entire team has put all hands on deck gathering scraps and remnants leftover from the leather we used to create the color guides for each collection. Pablo and Claudia have used these to design a keychain that we've all helped to cut, die-punch and stamp, which will make its way to your home in a shoebox where it will fall into rhythm with your daily routine.

Until December 12th, all purchases will include one of our keychains, carefully crafted by the whole team.