N.: A colour. 
Y.B.: Terracotta.

N.: An aroma. 
Y.B.: Cumin.

N.: A texture.
Y.B.: Wool.

N.: A destination. 
Y.B.: Morocco. 

N.: Do you prefer daytime or nighttime? Or does it depend what for?
Y.B.: Daytime, because I need light to feel good and to feel creative.

N.: How did you decide this is what you wanted to do?
Y.B.: It was a bit of a brutal decision. After having my children, I decided I had to be flexible in order to be able to work and take care of them with hours that suited me. I’d studied communication and social media in Barcelona, I already had my blog and Instagram account. I decided to throw myself wholeheartedly into the project, to keep learning. I put a lot of energy into it and it ended up paying off.

N.: A project you will never forget.
Y.B.: A personal project dedicated to women. After becoming a mother, I realised it was hard to accept my new body. I chose to assume these tattoos of life and shared them with my community. After I took that photo, for which I received all the love and respect of other women, I made the decision to help other women to love their own bodies through photography.

N.: A project that you would like to work on.
Y.B.: A book of course. 
A book survives time, it is a REAL object, one which I could leave to my children so they know me better. I don’t know on what subject yet, but I’m working on it.

N.: An artist you admire.
Y.B.: There are so many. 
A photographer from Barcelona, Martina Matencio, inspires me hugely every day. A French illustrator called Laura @aruallhuillier. Better known? Picasso.

N.: A person close to you whom you also admire.

Y.B.: I admire my father for his incredible journey to reach France, having the strength to leave for a better life.

N.: Pick a part of the body and tell us why.
Y.B.: My feet, because they’re pretty and I never get the chance to talk about them, hahahaha!

N.: Something that really excites you.
Y.B.: People and creative projects. I love people, I love human beings, I am passionate about them, but especially about the bond between people who come together to create, to support one another or maybe just to say hello. Human contact is so important in order to be happy.

N.: A dish that makes your mouth water.
Y.B.: My dad’s couscous, the best in the world. 

N.: A musician whom you always take with you.
Y.B.: Whitney Houston. Her songs make me feel good.

N.: A place in Toulouse that we shouldn’t miss.
Y.B.: There are so many, but the Place Saint Scarbes is so beautiful, it’s like being in a film.

N.: Yasmine, mother. 
Y.B.: And an independent woman as well.

N.: How did you find out about us?
Y.B.: I’ve known about Naguisa for years because I lived in Barcelona two years ago. I was there for eight years and discovered you on Instagram and at the physical points of sale you have.

N.: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say? Any message to send to the universe? Or to somebody in particular? This is your time to do it…
Y.B.: Oh wow! Simply a message of love to the entire world, because without it, we’re nothing. I send out loads of good vibes to everyone who needs them. I’d also like to thank you for giving me this space today.

Photos: Marine Arborio