xiana cobo x naguisa

This limited edition is the result of the admiration we feel for Xiana Cobo's work. Her delicate handcrafted patterns and embroideries inspired this collaboration, making the perfect gift for just everyone, including yourself. Inspired by the idea of sharing joy, emotions and accessories between mothers and daughters, Xiana designed a patterned handkerchief in cotton and a pair of DOM espadrilles, using the ancient technique of block printing.

About this join effort. A message from Xiana Cobo:

Working together has been especially thrilling because of the challenge it entailed. The idea was to create something new where both unique universes (Xiana+Naguisa) could meet.
The shoes demanded something organic, abstract, however I'm quite used to work with figurative arts. Leaving my comfort zone wasn't easy at first, but after much thinking and testing, I couldn't be any happier with the result.

Naguisa's 'Origen' is transit, a light that dims out, the last of the evening warmth, salt water, sand and sea. Earth and sky.

Watching the sunset and the colors slowly change. An endless repetition that is never the same. A succession of moments that overlap.
The block used for this print is always the same. The pressure, amount of paint, overlay and setting is always different. Furthermore, bringing back this ancient technique for this collection named "Origen" makes complete sense.

We hope you like it <3

We are certain that both you and your mom are going to love this. collaboration combining comfort, versatility and kindness.