The best friend of our shoes

These shoes are the basic means of transport for all my adventures outside my home. In summer, my espadrilles accompany me along the shores and sands while in winter it is my leather boots that transport me over meadows and stony paths.

I have a special affection for a few pairs. My favourite shoes are also the ones that have taken me to job interviews and gave me a sense of security when I ventured to seek a new life in a different city. Perhaps it was their unconditional support that made re-investing in them seem like an act of loyalty.

My cobblerFrancesc, may not always approve, but no matter what state they are in, he never gives up on them. He turns over one of my shoes with skilful hands and inspects every detail on the sole and the uppers. I’m convinced he’ll give me some constructive criticism, advising me I was wrong to think I could wear those jute sandals to a festival without destroying them. But, despite his harsh evaluations, I never see my cobbler as an adversary, rather as a consultant who always manages to bring these shoes I appreciate so much back to life.

Entering his store Cal Sabater transmits the notion that quality items deserve to be mended and taken care of. That is why I always listen to him attentively as he stands behind the counter and cautions me not to always wait until the last moment to look after something that is so important to me.

This is usually the scene: more than once I’ve probably emphasised, blushing, that I had already brought this pair of recently purchased shoes to him so he could resole them and they could survive all my adventures. And even more likely is that he has once again reminded me that a visit to clean and keep them in good shape always prevents subsequent damage.

This I learnt from my mother as well; on Sundays she always insisted on spending a little time cleaning the leather to keep my favourite shoes intact.

-- How to take care of your Naguisa? --

Your boots, your moccasins or your lace-up shoes need you to take care of them. Cleaning and conditioning them will extend their lifespan by several years. So untie, unzip or slip them off and invest a little time in taking care of those shoes that make you feel so comfortable.


1.- Start by giving them a thorough clean. 
The first and possibly most important step in taking care of your shoes is simple: keep them clean.Buy yourself a professional cleaning foam from your trusted cobbler. (Ours recommended Combi Cleaner from the Pedag brand.)Using a damp (not wet!) cloth, rub the foam gently onto your shoes, making sure you get into all the nooks and removing any excess product.Leave them to dry naturally because these products normally contain a wax that helps to seal and protect the leather.

2.- Apply shoe polish.
Once the shoe is dry, put a little polish on and apply it to the whole shoe. Try to find one in the same colour as your shoes (or use a neutral or colourless one if you can’t find the same shade).

3.- Brush your shoes so they look as good as new.
Once the leather has absorbed the polish, all you need to do is brush them with a natural bristle brush to bring back that just-bought shine.

Thank you to Cal Sabater (Passatge del Mercat, 2, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona)