N.: Who’s Nahia? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

N.: I’m 29 years old, and I began my journey into entrepreneurship at just 25. I ventured into the world of retail with no experience, just my work ethic and a clear idea of what I wanted to do with the business...and it was enough, because Hiruki recently celebrated its 4th nniversary, despite the pandemic.I consider myself to be a perfectionist, determined, and fun. In my daily life, I can't do without coffee, music, and laughter. I enjoy beautiful things, and I love to surround myself with them. I’m also a foodie, and I enjoy a nice glass of red wine. My wardrobe wouldn't be complete without Breton-striped tops. At this point, they've become part of my personality.

N.: When did you open Hiruki? Could you briefly tell us the story of your store? What inspired you to take the leap and open your own business?

N.: Hiruki opened its doors on December 15th, 2017. I’d already had the idea to open a store for some time, but it wasn't until I finished my journalism degree that I started thinking about it more seriously. After finishing my degree and taking a year to reflect, the idea hadn’t faded away, so I decided to embark on this journey. My motivation was mainly the idea that I could help spread another form of consumerism... the more responsible, sustainable consumerism that I’d been interested in for years.

My interest began with diet, and I then took it to different aspects of my life, like clothing and beauty products. I believe in another form of consumerism, one that's responsible and has a conscience.I try to opt for brands that respect society and the environment. I prioritize quality over quantity and I don't simply look at the price, but rather at everything behind it: where and by whom each product was produced, the production methods, the brand philosophy, the social and environmental aspects... Before I came across this approach, I was a victim of irresponsible, “low-cost” consumerism. This has a series of consequences, like labor exploitation and environmental impacts.

I began to realize this, and I acted accordingly. My habits as a consumer changed. I was driven by the idea that if I was conscious and took steps to change my own habits, Hiruki could be like a loudspeaker for this change.

N.: A moment you’ll always remember.

N.: Umm, I have more than one, but without a doubt one of the most emotional was when I reopened my shop after the lockdown. We didn’t have much information about the protocols we had to follow, which made me wary and fearful, but I was able to overcome that fear with the support I received from my customers and my desire to get back out there. I remember opening the appointment calendar on Instagram, and in just a few minutes I already had the first appointment booked. It was a gesture that filled me with hope so I could face everything that lay ahead.

N.: Of all our designs to date, which is your favorite?

N.: My favorite style, which is also the one through which I first discovered the brand, is SOC. I describe it as the “Summer Sneaker”. It has the three things I ask for in a shoe: comfort, quality, and design. Whenever I wear them, they stand out. Plus, in the Basque Country we’ve always worn espadrilles, so it feels very familiar.