We continue introducing you to the wonderful women behind some of the stores that stock Naguisa. Fabiana is the owner of Coko Store, which is located in Cogoleto, a seaside town north of Milan. From her pretty store, she transmits the Naguisa values to all her clients and strolls through the historic town centre wearing her Uga Burgundy, which she has confessed are her favourites this season. Today Fabiana welcomes us into her Coko Store and invites us to discover more about her world in the interview you can find in our Magazine.

N.: Who is Fabi? How would you define yourself?
F.: I’m drawn to details, to the small particulars that often nobody pays attention to. I look for them and prize them, because they often hide the real value. Uniqueness, maybe, is the word that I have always tried to link myself to and I hope this concept represents me. I studied art and the meaning of beauty for many years to find their role and goal within our society. This is how I ended up in Milan, where I attended the Brera Academy. At first, my being unique shook my world, in particular in a city as fast as Milan, where human relations are constantly interchangeable. In the course of time, I learnt how to find my space, how to create my own spot in that psychedelic world, taking a further step toward the person I am today. I believe I fastened my first button when I was 4 year old. Already back then, I was spending hours observing my grandmother sew. There was nothing I could be more fascinated by, her hands, the thread, the needle were like a little spell on my young eyes. And then my mother...I was watching her dress up on Sunday, look after every gesture with care and meticulousness, choose every detail with love. Growing up I realised that what I was experiencing wasn't just a magic spell, what I was feeling wasn’t just admiration. It was the foundation of a passion, a vocation perhaps, that would become my world in my adult life. I understood that I could share this with other women, within a space -my store- where I could have been able to make them feel special, gift them with the same care and beauty that I saw in my mother and in her Sunday routine.

N.: When did you open Coko? Could you give us a brief history of your shop? What prompted you to take the step of setting up your own business?
F.: Milan is still in the background of the person I am today. The city influenced me, it allowed me to become even more curious and enthusiastic, it gave space to my desire to experiment. At the end of 2014, I moved back home after my years in Milan and some professional experience abroad. It was then that I started working towards what, after a few years, would become “my place”, Coko - not just a store, but a lifestyle as well, something that reflects who I am but that other women can feel represented by too. I love calling it a little big project that constantly evolves, just like me. We try to not follow trends, but we aim to create them, to be an inspiration, a hint, a positive idea for whoever chooses us. At the centre of everything there are of course the women, whom I always think of when I make any decisions...from the brands to the home decor, from my colour palette to my communication strategy.

N.: A moment you’ll always remember.
F.: Such a beautiful and difficult question! I have many memories related to Coko, to me it’s ‘home’ and I spend here more time than anywhere else. To me, it has been the frame of many moments that are imprinted on my mind and that I associate strong emotions and feelings with. If I have to pick, the moment that immediately comes to mind is when Zadoc, four paws, a tail and a big heart that would soon become my best friend, rushed through the door like a hurricane. And then I recollect another the tiny bathroom at Coko I took my pregnancy test. Joy and fear together. My concern over being able to raise a child while managing my professional life with the same energy. And I remember my husband's hug that day.

N.: What do you think our philosophy contributes to Coko? And to your clients?
F.: I chose Naguisa because its philosophy goes perfectly well with my store. “why having beautiful shoes if you cannot walk in them?" I love having a product with a unique design, chic and, above all, comfortable to offer to my clients. For a long time I looked for a shoe brand that can match the style of clothing I choose. My customers have been impressed by the retro atmosphere and by the feelings that Naguisa’s lines inspire.

N.: How would you define working with the Naguisa team? To you, what is it that makes us different?
F.: My adventure with Naguisa started recently, but I am already very excited to have been chosen to be part of this sophisticated community. This project is characterised by attention to materials and craftsmanship and by its empathy with the shops that distribute the brand. This interview is the proof that everyone who is part of the team is valued.

N.: Of all our designs to date, which is your favourite?
F.: This is my first Summer collection and “UGA” is the piece I fell in love with! I think that it is the design I feel more represented by. When I think of UGA I envision myself having a walk with my husband and daughter through the little historical center of the town where I live, looking for some amazing local food.