SS22 PEZ, a new place

The arrival of each new collection declares that we’re on the verge of a change in seasons. Sandals and espadrilles appear on our website just as we begin clocking more hours of sunshine. And with this increase in sun comes a high of vitality and color. 

PEZ, our new spring-summer collection, is vastness, wild nature, radiance, and color in all its splendor. Playing with different concepts of freedom, each style in the collection is a micro-story that draws us in. We’re invited to dive into a journey full of new shades and highlights, and we’re reminded that any trip can be a new opportunity.

While many of us have spent the past few summers in a sort of trance as we recovered from all the flux and change, this season promises to be a restorative opportunity where we can finally let go and be carried away by all the things that make us happy. 

This new spring-summer SS22 collection is inspired by the reflections cast by the sun on water, by the sparkling, scaled texture of fish, and by the striking colors of marine fauna.

Our classic palette of natural tones is enlivened by accent colors infused with a sense of fluttering movement, like a fresh breeze dancing across salty skin.

We invite you to discover this new collection.