Naguisa x Ti:baeg

The fashion industry is making small steps forward on the issue of sustainability and many brands and designers have started to explore new ways to be more aware of the environment. 

One such brand is Ti:baeg, a Korean fashion label founded by the designer Eunae Cho, whose philosophy focuses on environmental sustainability. 

Last October, Naguisa worked with this brand on the presentation of its Please Save My Earth – Spring/Summer 2019 collection, within the framework of Seoul Fashion Week. 

The emerging brand opened its show with an impactful scene in which a women’s silhouette appeared, dressed in white, set against a backdrop depicting the tide. After a few seconds of silence, the model began to perform a contemporary dance inspired by a Manga story. This short, delicate introduction marked the beginning of an evocative show.

With a nature-inspired collection, Ti:baeg presented a number of understated yet extremely delicate designs that embody the brand’s philosophy. The fabrics used to create the designs were primarily recycled polyester printed with graphic designs of elements of nature. 

Reinforcing this discourse, the runway was filled with raffia bags full of plants, enhancing the optimistic tone and spreading the message of environmental conservation. 

Naguisa was involved in all the looks, with a reinterpretation of our now classic jute Thalis, Soc, Jonca and Silencio models, on a platform sole, thereby showcasing the use of nature materials and the craftmanship of the designs. 

With this collection, Naguisa has consolidated its position in the Korean market, a relationship that has been strengthened over the years thanks to the support of our distributor Roundabout.