Naguisa and HOWL by Maria Glück. EGO MBFW fashion show Madrid AW2014-2015

The days are getting darker and darker all the time. There are probably only four hours of light in deep winter. In some places, not even that. The birds start their migratory voyage from Scandinavia passing by Berlin until reaching Extremadura. They are not escaping the cold, although this may seem to be the reason, but rather the lack of light. The darkness. This is how Maria Glück sets the atmosphere that inspires her collection Nomadic for HOWL, her personal brand, where she offers warm apparel, appealing and with textures full of personality. A few months ago Maria, designer for H O W L  by Maria Glück, got in touch with us to propose this joint effort. Maria studied Fine Arts in Bilbao and later Fashion Design in Berlin where she currently lives. We've personalized the models Tundra and Bosque from our Paisajes AW 2013-2014 collection for the show at EGO held during the Mercedes Fashion Week in Madrid. Maria also asked us to design mens models along the same lines as the Naguisa collection which, until now, have been exclusively womens. At the moment, we only know Maria via Skype but we hope to meet her in person in Berlin. There's a new product awaiting us that well tell you all about soon!