The celebration of women’s achievements also spreads at a cultural level as International Women’s Day on 8th March approaches.

Projects like Musasenflor, promoted by young, independent and creative entrepreneurs, serve to give visibility to the ongoing fight for women’s rights.

Noemí (@alblancatelier) and Marta (@iammartaguillen) initiated this project in 2019, surrounding themselves with multi-faceted women who are working continuously to change the creative industry.

Through the world which Noemí knows best, the world of flowers, both invite different profiles of creative women to open up and talk about their feelings, projects and difficulties, outlining the values of 21st-century women in a confidential environment.

Musasenflor (Muses in Bloom) is the reflection of this feminine power, which manages to bring together a team of women by inviting entrepreneurs and creative talents with different profiles with the idea of uniting and transmitting the strength and sensitivity that each of them puts into all their creations.

In the latest edition, Claudia, Naguisa's, creative director, joined the 18 women mobilised by Marta and Noemí, with the aim of raising awareness about the positive changes that are taking place in the working world for entrepreneurial women.

Thanks again to Marta and Noemí for including Naguisa and to Miriam (@workingintheredwoods), Txell (@fantasticmrnilsson), Alba (@plateselector @psworksagency), Mònica (@monicabedmar), Naida (@naidaccasteljewels @le.nais), Johanna (@klimbimbarcelona), Martina (@martinapuigvert), Carola (@ivoribarcelona), Júlia (@juliaamolins), Cristina (@cristinatomasr), Angela (@ángela ibáñez), Mònica (@monica_figueras) and Marta, Carlota, Ivet Anna, Lucía ans Clara (@ciertoestudio) for sharing your talent with all of us and for being part of the revolutionary image of a new generation.

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