Maria Yelletisch x Naguisa

Maria Yelletisch is a Catalan artist born in Barcelona in June 1987. She studied Fine Arts at the Universitat de Barcelona and has a Master in Art Therapy from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She currently lives in Madrid, where she has her own painting studio.

The collaboration between Naguisa and Maria Yelletisch originates from the artist’s passion for shoes. It was all very easy and natural as Naguisa and Maria both have a very similar aesthetic. The colours, textures and a quest for new ideas are things that unite them.

The idea started by transferring the dashes of colour so characteristic of the artist’s work on to Naguisa’s strips of fabric used to create the classic models from the collections. The result was spectacular – a work of art in shoe form.

The second step involved the combination of colours. To achieve this, Maria took her inspiration from the tones and palettes of some of her favourite artists. Soc Miro originates from the combination of two primary colours, cyan and yellow. Soc Chillida from the classic and perfect combination of black and ecru. Soc Rothko from the forbidden yet incredible interplay of pink and red. Last but not least, Soc Menta, which comes from the artist’s passion for mint green.

Here are these four designs, bursting with colour, making the Naguisa Veleta Spring-Summer 2018 collection unique and unforgettable.