Interview with russian red

N.: A color.
R.R.: I change my mind about colors all the time. Mustard?

N.: An aroma.
R.R.: My doggie’s ears

N.: A texture.
R.R.: Folded sheets on top of me

N.: A destination.
R.R.: Hong Kong

N.: Do you prefer the night or daytime? Or does it depend what for
R.R.: It depends but I’m a daytime gal

N.: How did you decide this is what you wanted to do?
R.R.: I feel like it chose me, now I’m trying to understand in what way I choose it

N.: A project you will never forget.
R.R.: Recording my album Fuerteventura in Glasgow with Belle and Sebastian

N.: A project that you would like to work on.
R.R.: A theatrical-music performance I’ve been trying to finish for a very long time, ideally in collaboration with Garbriella Carrizo from theater company Peeping Tom

N.: An artist you admire.
R.R.: Miranda July

N.: A person close to you whom you admire as well.
R.R.: My grandma Juli Pick

N.: A part of the body and tell us why.
R.R.: My eyes. I love to look.

N.: Something that really excites you.
R.R.: Curating art for the walls of my house

N.: A dish that makes your mouth water.
R.R.: A perfect bread toast, with butter. And an americano.

N.: A musician whom you always take with you.
R.R.: Angel Olsen

N.: A place in L.A or Madrid that we shouldn’t miss.
R.R.: The Brite Spot in LA

N.: Lourdes, artist.
R.R.: Not sure what this means! :)

N.: How did you find out about us?
R.R.: Teresa Tarrago Showroom

N.: Your favorite Naguisa.
R.R.: How interesting! The ones you chose for me!

N.: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say? Any message to send to the universe? Or to somebody in particular? This is your time to do it…
R.R.: Responding to these questions in a very weird time where corona virus is hitting the world and I’m far from my family in Spain where the situation is especially bad. Let’s hope for this to be over soon and that the new normal includes good changes and that we all learn to take care of ourselves, each other and the world a little better. A litter better would be a whole lot better.