Interview with María Adánez

N.: A colour
M.A.: Green

N.: A scent
M.A.: Figs

N.: A texture
M.A.: Cotton

N.: A destination
M.A.: Menorca

N.: Do you prefer night or day? Or does it depend on what for?
M.A.: Day, always day. At night I’ve always been a baby.

N.: How did you decide that this was what you wanted to do?
M.A.: I was lucky to find my vocation as an actress aged just 5 years old.

N.: A day you’ll never forget.
M.A.: The day my father passed away.

N.: A project you’d like to work on.
M.A.: A good dramatic character in a TV series.

N.: An actor or actress you admire.
M.A.: Timothée Chalamet.

N.: A person close to you that you admire as well.
M.A.: My partner, the neurologist Ignacio Hernández Medrano.

N.: Choose a part of your body and tell us why.
M.A.: My eyes, my gaze. For an actor, the gaze is everything.

N.: Something that really thrills you.
M.A.: My cat, Mari Gaila. And her little brother, a recent addition to our household, Séptimo.

N.: A dish that makes your mouth water?
M.A.: There are so many!

N.: A musician or music you always take with you.
M.A.: Flamenco, always!

N.: A place in Madrid that we mustn’t miss out on.
M.A.: The Retiro Park and its statue of Benito Pérez Galdós, our most important author after Cervantes. This year marks the centenary [of his death].

N.: María, actress (how would you define yourself?)
M.A.: Intuitive and sensitive.

N.: How did you discover Naguisa?
M.A.: On social media.

N.: Your favourite Naguisas?
M.A.: The ones from this year inspired by mountaineering. They’re very comfortable and ideal!

N.: Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add? Any message to send out to the universe or to someone in particular? This is your moment to do it…
M.A.: The universe already knows what I’ve asked for and it’s coming, it’s already on the way. ❤️