Interview with Julia Jessen

N.: A colour. 
J.J.: Blue. In many nuances blue represents the ideal colour for me. My black, so to speak, since it actually always works for me. The colour blue stands for me for inner peace, harmony and balance.  Some years ago I found out that I am a synaesthete and thus found an explanation for the fact that I see colours everywhere, especially in letters and numbers. They therefore accompany me constantly and take up much space in my life.

N.: An aroma. 
J.J.: The smell of fresh flowers. Isn't it great of nature? So many colours in combination with these great scents!

N.: A texture.
J.J.: I love the feeling of fine soft sand. We live close to the Baltic Sea and although it is almost always too cold for swimming here in the north, we like to spend our weekends there and take a walk along the beach.

N.: A destination. 
J.J.: Paris. I'm drawn here at least once a year. Since the furniture fair Maison & Objet takes place here, it is always a great opportunity for me to combine the trip, so that I also take time to walk through the streets, visit exhibitions and enjoy a nice dinner at the restaurant.

N.: Do you prefer the night or daytime? Or does it depend what for? 
J.J.: Basically I prefer daytime, I love to profit from the light and energy by the sun, get around people, be productive. But with my two children, my daughter is 4 years old and my son just 3 months old, I arrange the day according to their needs and sometimes have to slow down. That is why I also look forward to the evenings and nights to be able to work in a relaxed atmosphere, develop ideas and be creative and make decisions for our projects.

N.: How did you decide this is what you wanted to do? 
J.J.: I have always been interested in various creative fields, since the childhood. But as I didn’t grow up in a design-oriented family, it was a rather hard way to find out what exactly I wanted to do with this energy. I first studied french and german to become a teacher, because literature is my other passion. When I finally met Niklas and the idea of founding our own studio took shape, I saw my chance to find my way in this creative field. Since this project was initially running alongside my studies, I was able to test out whether the studio would be a fulfilling and profitable alternative for us in the long term. Very soon our passion and ambition was awakened and so after my graduation I dedicated myself completely to design.

N.: A project you will never forget. 
J.J.: I think every Schneid project is very exciting in its own way, because we always have to start from scratch and plan from the very beginning to serial production. However, our first ceramic project has left a lasting impression on me. For a very long time I had this idea of a set of dishes that could be stacked like a totem and formed into a sculpture. But the material was initially new to us and we had to familiarize ourselves with its properties and possibilities. At this point, however, our love for ceramics emerged and since it was very difficult to find a producer for the tableware, we decided to set up a ceramics workshop in our studio. Thus the basis for all our following ceramic projects was created.

N.: A project that you would like to work on.
J.J.: There are so many projects this year that I am really looking forward to. We are currently planning to develop further interesting objects in our ceramic workshop and are already excited to hold the first prototypes in our hands. In addition, I have been wanting to work with glass for a long time and get to know the material better. Its aesthetic quality, the design possibilities are so versatile and especially when it comes to lamps it is a fantastic material.

N.: An artist you admire. 
J.J.: Etel Adnan. The use of color in her artworks really inspires me. She juxtaposes intense colors in her paintings to each other in a very bold and decisive way and her work has a very direct and austere effect on me, but also feels cheerful and in harmony with the physical beauty of the earth. No matter how far people go with their destructive actions, in her paintings the world is preserved in this moment of beauty.

N.: A person close to you whom you admire as well. 
J.J.: My parents, because they are very optimistic people who at the same time have a critical look at political and social issues and are excellent conversation partners.

N.: Pick a part of the body and tell us why. 
J.J.: The hands. They are the most important instrument of creative work and have the great feature to overcome the barriers between nations and even species when transmitting meanings and also serve so many other essential human needs.

N.: Something that really excites you. 
J.J.: I must admit that I'm rather easily excited. As soon as I am on holiday in another city, I dream of moving there because I am so enthusiastic! So I'd have to list a lot of things... Definitely good literature, travelling, good conversation and colour combinations!

N.: A dish that makes your mouth water. 
J.J.: Two years ago I discovered Ayurveda for myself. I simply love the ayurvedic spices and the fantastic food that you can prepare to suit your constitution. 

N.: A musician whom you always take with you. 
J.J.: Really hard to choose, as my choice of music always depends on my mood and the situation. Right now I would say Tame Impala.

N.: A place in Berlin that we shouldn’t miss. 
J.J.: A great place to escape the big city without really having to leave is the Tempelhofer Feld. The former airport area is now a large public park and a great place to relax or to do sports!

N.: Julia, mother. 
J.J.: It is such a beautiful and magical experience to become a mother. Sometimes it still feels very strange, because actually I still feel myself totally close to my own childhood, but I think this makes it easy for me to strengthen the bond with my children, because I really enjoy playing, crafting and painting with them! 
Being a mother is life changing, it’s hard work and can be so frightening. For me, it also means worrying about my children for the rest of my life. But despite all the sleepless nights, a house full of chaos and little time for myself, it is such an overwhelming and enriching feeling to be a mother.

N.: How did you find out about us?
J.J.: The great thing about Instagram is that you can find even smaller labels quickly. That's how I became aware of Naguisa and was totally inspired by the beautiful shoes and the aesthetic imagery.

N.: Your favourite Naguisa?
J.J.: I love the Ger, it has a special modern take on a classical style. But the new summer collection is also fantastic, the Flecha, the Muga and Marga are just perfect!

N.: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say? Any message to send to the universe? Or to somebody in particular? This is your time to do it…
J.J.: Take care of our planet! Avoid plastic, recycle, eat consciously and please treat our environment responsibly!