Interview with Giulia Tibaldi

Giulia Tibaldi, created with her partner Giordano Garosio, the creative duo Giuli & Giordi. Through their bucolic Instagram account they narrate their family life and their caravan trips through wonderful places. From her home in Brescia (Italy), Giulia explains to us where her project was born and how she combines it with her four beautiful children: Agnese, Timo, Frida and Arturo.

N.: How and from where did the Giuli e Giordi project originate?
G.T.: Giuli&Giordi was born more than 10 years ago. Giordano and I had a little more than 25 years when we met in a photo studio after having both been abroad for a period - Giordano in Peru, Giulia in Bilbao. We have worked together as photography assistants for some years and then we decided to start our own business (and life) project together.

N.: What role does travel play in your creative process?
G.T.: Traveling, before this absurd period, was a constant of our lives. A stimulus, a recharge, a real inspiration and with the arrival of the children also a challenge.

N.: How has motherhood refocused/changed/redefined your approach to work, if at all?
G.T.: Motherhood has changed the way I work and the way I manage and balance both my personal and professional time. It is not always easy to fit all the commitments and deadlines, but Giordi and I are one good team, everyone manages to express his or her own talents on the work. we are lucky because we are freelancers so we are able to manage our time with greater flexibility, choosing, when possible, working days and hours.

N.: What do you always take with you when you travel?
G.T.: The camera, a book to read, something to knit and my family :)

N.: What takes you back to a specifically nostalgic moment of your past?
G.T.: The two years spent in Bilbao have been very magical and important for me, they have given a decisive push to what I wanted to "do when I grow up", allowing me to take my (even sentimental) space. Those have been carefree years, among the most beautiful before the adventure of motherhood.

N.: When you imagine your “perfect” trip, what is the soundtrack?
G.T.: The laughter of children, Giordi singing and the sound of the wind blowing in the van.