It’s always summer in the world of vibrant patterns and colours created by Bibi Carol. The creator of SUTURA PATTERNS invites us to make time for ourselves, pick up a needle and thread and, with her help, begin to get ready for what promises to be a very special summer.
Her nostalgic take on the world of fashion is gaining more fans by the day: creating beautiful swimwear from classic patterns that are an ode to comfort and durability, as well as promoting craftsmanship and inviting us to immerse ourselves in a continuous learning process.

N.: Could you define yourself? And explain your relationship with swimwear?
B.C.: I am a very sensitive, shy and fairly introverted person. I function on the basis of what you might call light bulb ideas but I never implement anything that hasn’t gone through my head a thousand times, weighing up all the pros and cons. I’m pretty stubborn. I’ve always sought to surround myself with beauty and I feel comfortable doing things with my hands. I studied fashion design because what I wanted to do was sew. In my final year, I really enjoyed the swimwear module; I did work experience for my teacher’s brand and stayed there for six years. I love swimwear, I can’t explain why, but I do know that it’s what I like and what I know how to do.

N.: Where did the idea for Sutura Patterns come from?
B.C.: I’ve always liked doing things my own way and, in my world, that means having your own brand. What I couldn’t quite see was how to do that, because I was sure that the processes involved in having a conventional brand aren’t really in sync with my rhythms. On the other hand, for years I’ve been teaching workshops where I show people how to sew bikinis and swimming costumes. The students always complained how hard it was to find pretty swimwear fabrics and current patterns. The thing was rolling around in my head for a long time until one day, a couple of years ago (shortly after leaving my job and going freelance), the idea became super obvious and everything fell into place.

N.: What does Sutura consist of?
B.C.: Sutura is an experience, a learning process and a result in the form of a bikini or swimsuit. Sutura are kits that include everything you need to sew your own swimwear at home. The first, most difficult, step is choosing a model and a colour or print. After that, you receive, on the one hand, the fabric, the lining, the trimmings and the pattern. On the other, you get an email with step-by-step instructions and access to the online video tutorials. All you need is a sewing machine and a little experience to be able to debut your own bikini and say that “I made it myself” that gives such a thrill to those of us who make our own clothes.

N.: Could you describe your ideal summer? Your first memory of the sea or the pool?
B.C.: When I was little, I didn’t like going to the beach at all. But, by contrast, I spent the summer in the pool: I loved swimming, playing in the water, diving down and touching the bottom. I clearly remember the day I learned to dive in head first and in the photos of summer where I look my happiest, I’m wearing a swimsuit and I’m either in or near a pool. My ideal summer is closely related to that, which is what has inspired “La Nostalgia”, Sutura’s latest collection. Stopping, time slowing down, long days, spending the day in the water (now I do really enjoy the beach and the sea), eating ice creams, dinners and open-air concerts with friends. I wish August could last a fortnight longer than all the other months.