Hi Alejandra, Thanks for being part of Naguisa! Let’s get started.

N.: Could you define yourself briefly?
A.P.: Uf! It’s always been really hard for me to define myself! But broadly speaking I would define myself as a very curious and passionate person. I could also say that I’m sensitive and happy and that I love spending time with family and friends.

N.: For many, your Instagram account is like a daydream! Beautiful little nooks and crannies, succulent nature… What inspires you?
A.P.: Thanks very much! :) To be honest, practically everything that surrounds me is a source of inspiration to me. Taking a stroll down to the sea, the lights and shadows on a wall, being with the people I love, listening to a song in the car, etc. Being a person who finds it a bit hard to express themselves in words, using photography or video is much more comfortable and easier for me. I think it’s a lovely way of talking to people about a moment in my life or about an emotion.

N.: We know you are a big fan of Japanese culture; what triggered this passion?
A.P.: I’ve always felt great curiosity and empathy for Japan and its culture, but it wasn’t until I went there for the first time in 2016 that I completely fell in love with it. I experienced a new sensation that I’d never had before when I travelled to other countries. I felt at home there. To my surprise, a few months after that trip a Japanese tourist magazine contacted my friend Lorena Fernández and I to photograph the Gotō Islands, near Nagasaki. It was an unforgettable experience and I’ll always remember it with great affection. Since then, all I think about is going back soon and perhaps living there for a while.

N.: What relationship does creativity have in your work?
A.P.: I currently work for a sustainable clothing and accessories brand whose greater aim is to preserve and protect the oceans and the environment. In my role it’s essential to have knowledge of graphic design, communication and photography, as well as there being lots of short- and long-term planning and organisation. So daily creativity and inspiration are fundamental. I studied graphic design but over the years I’ve specialised more in the area of marketing and communication. I’ve also learned a lot about photography and video editing, something that’s really important when it comes to creating attractive and effective content.

N.: How would you describe your ideal summer?
A.P.: I’ve spent all my summers at the beach so I can’t imagine one without being near the sea! That endless light, my skin coated in salt and sun cream, siestas on a little boat anchored off the Costa Brava, walking barefoot, bike rides before supper, watching the shooting stars lying in the garden, freshly cut watermelon and a long et cetera of lovely moments. Even though I’m not a great fan of the heat, I must admit that I’m a little happier in the summer than in other seasons.

N.: We hope you enjoy your Raco Brown and they accompany you for many summers and to many beautiful places. Do you know when you’re going to wear them first?
A.P.: I wanted to wait a bit and debut them at one of those first suppers of summer where you show off a tan, new dress and new shoes. But in reality I think it’s better to enjoy things without waiting for the perfect moment, so I put them on last week for one of those random afternoons with friends in my local neighbourhood, the Sagrada Família. I really wanted these shoes and they couldn’t be prettier or more comfortable. I’ll be taking them with me to hundreds of places!