Boyish Jeans & Naguisa: bringing people together and improving the planet

Just like espadrilles, jeans are traditional pieces of clothing that were originally conceived as workwear. None of these garments were meant to become street fashion in the first place, however, they have made their way into our wardrobes, becoming essential staples in our looks.

Just like a best friend, we all have that favourite pair of jeans to resort to when we don't know what to wear. Same as that reliable jean jacket that has been with us for countless music festivals and summer nights since years.

Unfortunately, the massive popularity of denim has become a problem for our environment and the people who work in the making. The production process of a pair of espadrilles is quite the opposite: the use of natural materials such as jute and the "know-how" and dedication of craftsmen are key elements to the economic revival of the places where this footwear has traditionally been produced. It takes 7,000 litres of water to make a single pair of jeans, and most of the resultant wastewater is full of chemicals and harmful substances that pose a destructive impact to all ecosystems, local communities and the workers themselves.

The good news is that brands like Boyish Jeans from Los Angeles opt for a sustainable approach to this fabric by using a third of the amount of water usually required to produce a pair of jeans. They also use recycled fabrics only, making the endeavour of finding a good fitting pair of jeans ethically produced a beautiful experience. By this means, Boyish Jeans reduces the carbon print derived from production while also designing quality garments.

Boyish Jeans' like-minded foundations to Naguisa's and their belief that a good design can be sustainable, made us come together for a summery collaboration showcasing their updated vintage shapes in a photo shoot captured by the photographer Carla Cuenca Cortés

Their vintage inspired styles were paired with our Peonia, Calau, Aritjol and Lirio models in a beach setting channelling the spirit of the endless summers from our teenage years; when beach days didn't end with the sunset... This collaboration has thus brought together two brands with the aim of designing and producing for the people.