Baldomero, the collage of an entire life.

Farewell to another summer in the sea. The time has come to tread the pavements again, to don our more formal identity once more and to enjoy the autumn. A season that lets us burrow down in search of shelter or open ourselves up to new paths amidst valleys littered with leaves in colours of earth and fire. In search of the fervour for everything that gives us warmth.

Life in the city also offers us some place in which to take refuge, in which all traces of artifice disappear and we feel at home. Baldomero is this place for us. To cross its threshold is to be transported to a quiet, welcoming terrain. A bohemian retreat which could easily have been home to Lee Krasner or Helen Frankenthaler once upon a time.

If you close your eyes in front of a comforting cup of coffee, Baldomero could be that 1920s house built by the sea, surrounded by tall pines. Reformed and extended over the years, it still conserves its modest scale, its wood mouldings and its enormous charm.

The dusky rose hue on its walls highlights the disciplined eclecticism of the place, which belongs to someone who goes out of their way to host, gather and entertain. Its interior, a blend of modern and antique, reflects a belief in a timeless location. The same essence with which Naguisa imbues each and every one of our collections.

The homemade aroma rising from the table replete with crockery awakens the fantasy that, behind these walls, the vegetables are being pulled from the garden to be thrown directly onto the grill while, back inside, the laurel leaves adorn the odd porcelain relic in the kitchen.

With a firm step, we walk comfortably alongside Bielsa, Ger, UrúsDas and Bellver. The aesthetic sensibility of the collection seems linked to this homely project. Its originality and the warm nuances of its décor remind us of some traits worthy of a large contemporary work of art.

Delicate and elegant but with the relaxed vibe of a rural cottage, the interior of Baldomero represents the collage of an entire life, just like VALL.