When all this is over, I’m going to close all the apps on my phone, open the playlist I’ve spent months putting together, put on my headphones and run out onto the street, giving little jumps for joy with a dynamic pas de couru.

I imagine myself crossing the threshold in the most energetic way possible. Leaping into the street with a grand jeté to make my soul flow and to let my body start to feel a little freer.

I think my first greeting should be for the lady who runs the grocer’s shop below my flat. She’s been there all this time, hanging in there and taking care of me in her way. I don’t think there’s anyone more deserving of a bow so it’s decided, my first pirouette, in the form of a sincere hug, will be for her.

When that’s done, I’ll share my rebirth with the neighbours and passers-by through dance. I’ll run to every corner with fullness and enthusiasm; I’ll use my body to express how grateful I am to have recovered my childhood hobby.

After this period of secret training, I hope I won’t feel nervous and that I can make this grand battement that I’ve been rehearsing in my living room coincide with my arrival in the Plaza Mayor. It would be a shame to have so much free space available and not use it to full advantage.

When all this is over, I’m going to grab every opportunity that life affords me and I’ll be prepared to continue rediscovering my love of ballet.

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