Next monday is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate the progress made on the path to equality and to emphasise that no one can stop us on this journey. Among our own values at Naguisa is giving a voice to brave, intrepid, strong women and to share their stories with all of you; they prove that fearlessness brings its rewards. Today we want to open our doors and introduce ourselves, a team almost entirely comprised of women: Claudia, Sofía, Greta, Sara, Graciela and Yolanda. The entrepreneurial, empowered, energetic and tenacious women who bring Naguisa to life.

Claudia & Sofía

Claudia. Founder and creative director. Claudia designs and puts the heart into all the firm’s activities. Together with Pablo, her tenacity and courage have made Naguisa your favourite brand. Her favourite design in this collection is Limolita.

Sofía. Designer. She and Claudia work together to conceive all the shoes in our collections. Sofía is responsible for creating the sandals that, even in mid-winter, we can’t wait to wear. Vei is the model she’s planning on wearing until well into autumn.

Sara & Greta

Sara. E-commerce and customer service. From taking the perfect photo so that you succumb on the website to resolving any queries you may have, Sara is also the person behind every step that ensures your order reaches its destination. This season, Sara’s favourite is Racó Rosa.

Greta. Wholesale manager. As the link between Naguisa and our stockists, Greta is the one responsible for making sure that your Naguisas are on display in your preferred store at the first glimpse of good weather. Greta has no doubts, the Lava Brown model is her choice for this spring.

Graciela y Yolanda

Graciela. Commercial director. Graciela is the one who is taking Naguisa to more and more countries and seeing to it that more stores share our philosophy. Colour fills her with positive energy, which is why Tosca Yellow is her preference this season.

Yolanda. Communication. The person responsible for telling the stories that Naguisa cooks up. From the moment she set eyes on the Fumarola Green model, she knew they had to be hers this springtime!