the first hints of summer

With the first hints of summer, warm visions of our geography come to mind, the landscape that so bewitched Ernest Hemingway. Dramatic coastal cliffs, the breezeless stillness of the midday sun, the welcome shade of a pine grove or the relaxing sound of the waves lapping at the shore.

These visions can be found the length and breadth of the land and with them come the search for freshness. A cool freshness represented by the natural fibres of jute and the spontaneity of the colours and textures that go with it.

SOC, SILENCIOBEMOL and THALIS were created eight years ago as a reinterpretation of these Bohemian-style flat shoes, rebellious and eternally fresh. Eight years later the collection has expanded. New names and new shapes represent new Mediterranean settings on the feet of the women who wear them.

All of them continue to be small, perennial pieces of popular art, made by generations of artisans dedicated to honouring this beautiful manual trade.

Braiding, weaving, sewing… the noble processes which give life to a practical and sustainable shoe whose attractive simplicity has managed to maintain its allure right up to the present day.