our time

For Naguisa’s team, this time is being a receptive moment in the light of new plans and projects.An opportunity to pick up some activities we used to enjoy, hobbies we always loved but hadn’t practiced in a while; discovering new passions or simply enjoying the long-awaited free time. Today, some of the members of our team are opening up the doors of their homes to show you what we’re up to these days. Welcome in!

Sara Gordón | E-Commerce "I’m taking back cooking during these days in confinement. I guess it runs the family, because we’ve always been quite good cooks. With my usual lifestyle I don’t really have the time to prepare elaborate meals, but since I’ve been in confinement I’m cooking my favorite dishes and trying out new recipes. I couldn’t remember how much I used to enjoy spending time in the kitchen! I hope I can find the time again when this is over." Where to find sweet recipes?: Roberto ChefBosquet

Greta Casis | Sales "During quarantine, I have discovered a new hobby unknown to me until now. I’m using this time to break with the usual routine, the fast-paced rhythm and daily stress to start growing vegetables and aromatic herbs. It’s turning out to be a great solution to disconnect and relax. Also, the best about this is that we get to eat something that we have grown ourselves. Another way to benefit from the properties of some plants is making homemade face masks. These days, I’m using Aloe Vera" Where to find tips to get started with horticulture?: Cómo hacer un huerto urbano en casa

Pablo Izquierdo | Managing Director "These days, we have time to go out and about things; to plan and reorganize multiple tasks. We spend 24 hours in our homes and we will rarely be in that situation ever again. I’m taking the time to look back at old architecture projects that used to make me dream at the beginning of the 2000s. I have given special attention to one of them: the Milam Residence by Paul Rudolph, probably because what it entails to be at home in this moment. Rudolph’s original idea was to create a variety of ‘moods’ in the setting of the spaces, responding to the needs of the dwellers. Check out this link and imagine that you can walk it through." Discover this project: Milam Residence by Paul Rudolph

Claudia Pérez | Creative Director "After more than 8 years, I have finally pulled out my violin to play for my daughters, aged 2 and 3 years old. Lola and Olivia are showing a great interest in listening to it, but also in playing. I had forgotten how good it makes me feel to play, and I’m certainly living one of the most beautiful times of my life. I highly recommend you to listen to this Allegro by Nigel Kennedy, inspired by Bach’s Sonata no. 2. A great energy boost to go through your day." Hit the play!: Allegro de Nigel Kennedy

Conxa Bagur | Store Manager "I’m drawing and painting; it’s been ages since I didn’t do that on my own. I’m also reading a lot about the first photographers and photographic processes, and doing cyanotypes again after a long time; mixing chemicals and using hydrogen peroxide to make the blue tones more vivid. In a nutshell, these are inspiring days to grow and appreciate the perks of a slow life. We have been forced to stop, but we haven’t really stopped. Luckily, life goes on and we keep growing alongside." Learn about cyanotypes: totenart.com

Yolanda Aranda | PR & Social Media Manager "One of my favorite activities these days is spending the afternoons reading in complete silence. I live on one of the main avenues in the city, where the sound of car engines and horns have been replaced by the chirp of sparrows and other birds. That deserves some appreciation!. Stopping to find a moment to dive in and reconnecting with your passions is a new habit I wish to keep once this is over." A timeless reference: Pieces of Aalto