As part of our commitment to sustainability and one of our resolutions for this brand-new 2023, at Naguisa we’ve decided to give some of our most cherished materials a new opportunity. We’ve selected and recovered top-quality leather from other collections and given it a new life in the shape of a special limited edition of our CALEUM design, one of our favorites styles this season.

This launch is not just a way to reduce our environmental impact, but an opportunity to put on display, once again, our creativity and ability to reuse and recycle materials that otherwise would have been thrown away.

This is not the first time we’ve rummaged through our shelves and production remainders in our journey to reduce our impact by creating and designing accessories for you, our customer. One of these initiatives is A little bit of Naguisa in which we collected leather and other leftover materials from our previous collections, transforming them into small, unique accessories. From artisan soaps with leftover jute to our ARO and RACIMO earrings, designed in collaboration with Ms. Bolitas.

With the launch of this limited edition of CALEUM in Taupe and Burgundy, not only are we giving a new life to materials that otherwise would have been discarded, we are also offering you unique and even more sustainable products. We are proud to offer more responsible and respectful options without sacrificing the quality or design that sets us apart.

When you choose this limited edition CALEUM ankle boot, you are also supporting our commitment to sustainability and helping us promote positive new changes within Naguisa. Here’s to this being just the start!