Origin: beginning, birth, source, root and cause of something. Our origin is jute and this collection is the point at which, after years in motion, we submerge ourselves in memories in order to re-conquer the unique and poetic vision of the Naguisa woman. A new beginning that doesn’t shun its roots and is represented by a broader collection that includes new heights, outlines and materials. All set against the backdrop of a range of hues that recall the soft colours of a fading sunset. In keeping with the nature of Naguisa, Origen features feminine silhouettes with just the right amount of formality for that intrepid, energetic and tenacious woman who is not willing to renounce comfort while wearing an original style of shoe.

Photography: Cecilia Renard


La Cabaña, AW20

Cuerda, SS20

Vall, AW19

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