Veleta; a piece of metal with morphological roots in the word vela (sail), just as vane originates from the Middle English word fane, which also meant banner or flag. Both objects need wind to fulfil their function. The veleta or weathervane is an object found on top of houses to indicate the direction of the wind. It can have a very simple or very ornate design, be robust or delicate, but it always maintains its original qualities of functionality and dynamic movement. When the wind makes it revolve on its axis, the vane produces a characteristic sound which makes us aware of its existence without even needing to see it. Both for the name itself and the qualities of the object, Veleta is the starting point for the Spring Summer 2018 collection from Naguisa. In our new collection, we keep the more classic and natural colours while also introducing bright and saturated tones. The primary colours, red, yellow and blue, or special colours like bubblegum pink and sky blue, are all present. We work with voluminous handmade pompoms which make each pair of sandals unique. Innovation comes in the form of a new clog-like fabrication, making jute and a touch of colour the stars of the espadrille’s sole. Artist María Yelletisch has joined forces with Naguisa to create a special reinterpretation of the Soc model, the Naguisa espadrille with seven ribbons. In yet another new concept, we have designed a capsule collection for children. Sandals for kids with touches of metallic colour and leather. Credits: Photography Lara Alegre Art Direction Naguisa Make-up Artist Rubén Mármol Graphic Design Play&Type Studio Stylist AMT, Diarte, Eli Urpi, IFeelNut, Moskiddos, Rita Row

Vall, AW19

Agraria, SS19

Cuerda, SS20