Yesterday and today. If we take as our point of reference the peasant woman of yesteryear and transfer her to our contemporary world, we find the woman we all know today: strong, a fighter, a worker, meticulous, sensitive and natural. Our surroundings have evolved and changed, but the essence of the environment remains the same, and this woman is able to appreciate it. With “Agraria”, Naguisa seeks inspiration in traditional aesthetics and complements its regular range of jute and braided shoes with two new offerings. The first, featuring the presence of interlaced leather piping, is available in both classic colours such as beige and navy blue, and also a range of cheerful, dreamy pastel shades.

The second boasts a playful combination of fabrics and blended leathers, in which one can appreciate a significant retro touch. With new shapes in heels, variations in texture and nods to the senses, Naguisa finds inspiration in Mediterranean plants to give names to its new models, thereby bringing a touch of nature and the countryside to the hustle and bustle of our everyday city lives. For the woman of yesterday –and today. 

Credits: Photography Cecilia Renard