One of our favorite discoveries from this past year was María Laspiur’s Instagram account. Among illustrations, beautiful pictures, and floral-inspired accessories, we’ve fallen in love with her project and didn’t think twice about reaching out to learn more about her and how to kick-start a collaboration. Concha, Pez, Flotador and Ostra arose out of that “love at first sight.” A collection of charismatic accessories that are perfect for summer.

Born in Donostia-San Sebastian, María worked in the fashion world for multiple well-known brands before returning to her home city and launching her own project, bringing to life colorful earrings, necklaces and other floral-inspired accessories. Today, María welcomes us to Posidonia, her studio-store. Come along with us!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

It’s hard to define oneself, but I would say that I’ve always known that I like the world of creating things and that I’m also a determined and enthusiastic person. If not, I suppose I wouldn’t have created this project.

What inspired you to become an accessories designer? Was it something you always wanted to be, or did you casually evolve into this profession?

I guess I’ve always had a passion and “love” for art, design, and fashion. I never imagined I would be creating actual 3D-printed jewelry, but I always knew what I wanted to do and my path as led me to it. With 3D technology, I’ve found a way to bring to life my ideas in terms of color and shape on a small scale and within my own studio. In the end, it’s a job that combines multiple aspects. It has the artisan component and the technical aspect while also being a form of expression.

Sustainability is also an important concept for you. What's the process for creating a pair of earrings or a Laspiur necklace?

I suppose it is. I like being in constant contact with nature, so I believe we have to know how to take care of it. My designs are based on shapes I find in nature and I create them with materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible, strengthening that union or balance. Thanks to my creation process, I am able to produce items without generating too much stock or waste. I use biodegradable materials such as PLA, which is a plant-based polymer I use in creating my designs.

Do you feel that your location in the Basque Country provides part of the natural inspiration for your work?

Absolutely, Euskadi (the Basque Country) is a place where we are surrounded by nature. It’s tough because we spend half the year getting rained on and hoping that the sun will peek out from behind the clouds. But then you realize that it’s worth it when you look at the mountains and fields all around and their stunning range of green hues. Then you have the coast with the sea, which changes from stormy to calm just as it changes color from day to day…

Could you recommend somewhere special where you like to go in the summer to disconnect?

I’d recommend hiking along the coast from the border with Cantabria towards France: Bilbao, Urdaibai, Mundaka, Lekeitio, Getaria, Donostia, Hondarribia… I have to admit that I particularly like Lekeitio (a small town on the Bizkaia coast) because I’ve spent my summers there ever since I can remember. The French Basque Country is also beautiful, the colors of the houses, the flea markets, the beaches...

Is there anything outside of your current profession that stands out to you, or that you’d like to learn more about?

I’d like to learn more about traditional and artisan jewelry. But I also want my garden to continue flourishing on other blank pages or products that complement it.

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