This wedding was like something out of a film.

[…] I saw a pair of shoes I loved and said, “Those are the ones I want!” Sometimes you don’t need to search very hard, they simply appear. Perhaps the same is true for love. […]

Hundreds of romantic comedies have shown us that organising a wedding is no easy task. The wrong catering choice, an accident-prone wedding cake or rings that go missing are just some of the nightmares that run through your mind before the big day. Obviously real life is not as melodramatic, so what could be better than to enjoy your day without any worries on the horizon?

With the fluidity and serenity appropriate for magnificent wedding planners came our partnership with Brunette Caravan. Bathed in the honest essence of the Mediterranean and in an unparalleled enclave, the Jardines de Tramuntana in Mallorca were the setting for romance to be converted into commitment.

Botanical Romance created the setting suited to the simplicity of a bride who does not need too much to transmit a great deal. A woman who doesn’t renounce comfort or femininity but still embraces naturalness and elegance. And for the feet of this lovely lady, Brunette Caravan led her to Naguisa, so our footwear could support and accompany her throughout this unforgettable day.

It is often said that the veil or the headpiece or the shoes are what make all the difference on this day, the accessory that triumphs under the attentive gaze of guests and family members. And, as was only to be expected, The White Showroom made sure this was the case. Under a large hat from La Pecera Mallorca shone a radiant bride wearing a lace dress from Otaduy. This distinguished style combined with the braided Ila Ecru and Peonia Ecru models, two pairs of jute shoes perfectly matched to different moments and rhythms.

A collaboration that was a pleasure for all involved, both for the exquisiteness of the project and for the cast of professionals, all of whom were photographed by Katta Tubio, an expert in wedding photography.

Having experienced the great work behind this collaboration by Brunette Caravan, we can safely say that in their hands the only truly important thing is that the dream wedding becomes a reality, and that is just what they achieved.