One more season, we continue to introduce you to the wonderful women behind some of the stores where you can find us. Henar is the owner of ‘Henar Polo’, a store located in the center of Salamanca (Spain). From his premises, Henar transmits the values of Naguisa to all his clients and walks with his characteristic style through the historic center of the city, always carrying one of our models. Today Henar opens the doors of his store to us and invites you to discover his special bond with Naguisa, in the interview that you will find in our Magazine. .

N.: Who is Henar? How would you define yourself?
H.: A very active and positive person who enjoys the little things in life.

N.: When did you open Henar?

H.: At the beginning of the ‘80s. I opened a children’s clothing shop but with really unconventional products. I’ve always liked taking risks and going for something different. Back then Javier Mariscal and his siblings were making collections that were very different from what was on the market. I loved it and identified a lot with them. Over thirty years have gone by and now it’s my grandchildren, Lola and Olivia, who are wearing the clothes that belonged to their mum.

N.: A moment you’ll always remember as an entrepreneur?

H.: The day we received the first NAGUISA collection. I remember they were made of Japanese fabrics, they were amazing! That day, when I reached the shop the floor was covered in NAGUISA boxes and the clients loved their new purchases, it was really exciting. I remember that Claudia and Pablo were in Brussels and I called them every time we sold a pair but they had their phone switched off and didn’t answer. We sold six or seven pairs that day and every time we sold a pair, since I couldn’t get hold of them, I sent them a WhatsApp saying, “Another pair!”When Claudia opened her messages and saw it, she called me and I still remember her “Mama!!!!!!” She couldn’t believe it. I’ve enjoyed so many moments since then. I enjoy every change of season as if it were the first, I love it! Creating something new, something different…

N.: What does NAGUISA bring to Henar and your clients?

H.: Comfort, design and personality.

N.: How would you define working with the NAGUISA team? What is it that makes us different?

H.: NAGUISA is made up of a great team. Whatever problem presents itself, they sort it out very quickly.

N.: What is it that makes us different?

H.: Personality, evolution, design and comfort.

N.: Your favourite model?

H.: At first it was the SOC model, I’ve got them in every colour. Now I’ve got several favourite models, it’s hard to choose just one. Garúa, Dana, Noaa, Monzon…. oh, the list goes on. There are lots!