Winter is fading before us: temperatures are rising and the hours of sunlight are lengthening. We no longer need to haul around layers of heavy outerwear. From now on, with each passing moment we’ll feel the natural urge to start unwrapping.

We’re changing our foliage; shedding our skin. It’s a time of change, and we feel liberated. Clothing doesn’t weight us down. Shoes don’t bind us. We long to be drenched in sun and water, and we yearn to soak up the world through all our senses.

We walk on wet sand, we feel the pebbles, and we tangle our fingers in seaweed. The sun and the wilderness are part of our identity.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re near the sea or in the mountains: we’re rejuvenated by the light and the fresh air of a bicycle ride. Since childhood, we’ve become a bit stronger with each summer season. Maybe this is why we feel such exhilaration as we see the first swallows fly: the good weather has arrived. We gently break off a sprig of poppy and braid it into our hair. Spring is here, and we're ready.