Just as your skin needs nourishment (and plenty of water), your lips also need nutrients to stay healthy and vibrant. The skin of the lips is thinner and doesn’t produce any moisture, so it needs moistening agents to protect it and provide vital nutrients. UV rays from the sun, as well as heat (much like the cold), can irritate and dry them out. Wisdom of Qara suggests a quick and lush ritual with its ‘Shaman’s Kiss’ balm, made with white cacao and jojoba oil.

· Cleanse

Using a cotton pad, remove any pollution, dirt or lip product residue from the lips prior to starting your routine.

· Exfoliate

Take a small amount of Shaman’s Kiss and sugar and create a mixture. Gently apply to the lips as the exfoliating step. Leave on for a few minutes and then remove with a cotton pad.

· Hydrate and Protect

Gently apply a thin layer of Shaman’s Kiss to the lips. Enjoy the lush texture and pleasant smell of cacao.

Until April 27th, each order will include a “Shaman’s Kiss” lip balm made with white cocoa and jojoba oil from natural cosmetics brand Wisdom of Qara + a discount card

· Extra tip

Thanks to the antioxidant properties and benefits of jojoba oil, you can use the Shaman’s Kiss balm on other parts of your skin that need moisturizing, including the cuticles, heels, elbows or knuckles.