Naguisa shoes in La novia film

La novia film directed by Paula Ortiz, is a free version of Bodas de sangre written by the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. Naguisa had the big chance to collaborate with this film. The costume designer, Arantxa Ezquerro, contacted us in April 2014. In that moment the collection that Naguisa was working on, was Andante. So we had to choose some styles that fitted with the art direction of the film. We have been in contact since then. It has been a long way but the final result really deserved it. La novia was nominated to the Best costumer, in the Gaudi Awards, in Barcelona. Luisa Gavasa, the mother of the groom, wears the Naguisa Bemol style in black color. And the principal character, Inma Cuesta, wears the Naguisa Keiko style. Another actress called Leticia Dolera, wears the Naguisa Bemol style in mustard. The movie is spectacular. The beautiful landscapes are between Turkey's Cappadocia and Los Monegros, a natural region in the Spanish Ebro valley. The music is great as well, it was composed by Shigueru Umebayashi. We can't wait to hear the soundtrack. A really good work that has been widely recognized, first in the Goya Awards, with 12 nominations (we will have to wait a little to see what happens) and the Feroz prizes which have won 6 of the 9 to those who was nominated. From Naguisa we congratulate the entire team of La novia for such an amazing work. It's been a pleasure.