Naguisa and HOWL by Maria Glück. EGO MBFW fashion show Madrid SS2016

We are liquid, we are flexible.  We love being part of a possible change and we put our passion trying to work into transforming things into better things. We love the beauty that comes from the strange, the power of the awkwardness. Marí­a Glück. W A L K I N G  U P  T H E  M O U N T A I N S, is the new Spring Summer 2016 collection from Howl by Maria Gluck. Fashion is seen in an ethical and last way. She won Samsung Ego Innovation Award 2015, because of her research project using innovative fabrics and portable gardens used as backpacks in the collection. As in other occasion, Naguisa participated on the last collection of Howl by Maria Gluck, in Samsung Ego Cibeles, Madrid. For this occasion we just developed the woman shoes. Our autumn shoe, Saire, was the perfect match between the collection colors and the portable gardens tones. The collaboration has been mutual. In our autumn 2015 lookbook you can discover some of her cool clothes. It's always a pleasure to know designers that stand up for sustainability, who try to go beyond fashion design. Howl by María Glück and Naguisa share a common philosophy. We are pretty sure that we will collaborate again soon!