Lorena Fernández is a woman with magnetism. In light of her popular Instagram, account, @nasualua, she has somehow remained disarmingly authentic, avoiding the obvious pitfalls of being a social media referent. 

N.: Could you define yourself briefly?

L.: Thanks to you, it is a pleasure to share space with such inspiring women. If you had asked me to define myself a little over a year ago, the answer would probably have been different from now. Last year, in the middle of a pandemic, I became a mother and that has been a full-blown revolution: a search for my identity, getting to know myself again, finding myself with new nuances, new priorities ...

I think the new Lorena is more patient, more empathetic and prioritizes her time much better.

N.: Your work and your life have been closely linked to social networks, how do you see the future of the “influencer” culture?

L.: As for the “influencer” culture, it is not very clear to me how or where it will evolve. To begin with, I think this adjective is used too much and too lightly. In reality, few people have a real level of influence and, many times, it has little to do with the followers that person has on their social networks.

I just hope that we are critical and choose very well what references we have and to what extent they influence our decision-making.

N.: Since you are a great guide creator, would you recommend us your favorite place in Lisbon? And from Barcelona?

L.: Thank you! My favorite places tend to change and after this health crisis, many of the restaurants, cafes or shops that I had among my favorites have unfortunately had to lower the blind.

Right now I am opting for public places, the kind that, no matter how many pandemics come, will continue to make us fall in love with their beauty.

I would tell you that from Lisbon I prefer the Jardim do Torel because it is a very special and quiet corner of the city, with different levels (typical in Lisbon) and with a park where you can lie down to enjoy magical views.

In Barcelona, ​​perhaps I would choose a square in the Les Corts neighborhood: Plaça de la Concòrdia. The neighbors buying the newspaper at the kiosk, the children running around after the ball, some friends who enter the beautiful modernist civic center ... I think it is a beautiful place.

Photo by Alejandra Perelló

N.: We remind you of our beginnings in La Granja, when we had a studio in the mountains. Do you remember how you met us?

L.: Yes! I am a fan of Naguisa from the beginning. I don't remember exactly how I met you (maybe at the Ivori store) but what I know for sure is that it was love at first sight and since I bought my first sandals (a model of espadrilles that you no longer have) I have repeated every summer . I have never worn such comfortable sandals and I always speak wonders of you because I love you, from my heart.

N.: Could you describe your ideal summer for us?

L.: The ideal summer for me would be the one that I could live respecting its slow and leisurely rhythms. I imagine myself surrounded by the people I love the most, in a nice and cool house, near the beach, eating fresh fruit all day and with no worries other than living.

The Italian summer of the movie Call me by your name has come to mind. It could be something like that, it wouldn't be bad, right?

N.: We hope you enjoy your Marga a lot and that they accompany you many summers and many beautiful places. Do you know when you will release them? :)

L.: Thanks! I am sure that yes, that like the rest of Naguisas they will accompany me many wonderful summers. In July I have a very nice wedding and I want to premiere them that day ... although I don't know if I can wait that long! It will be difficult to resist ...