Designer and creative director Adriana Dumon has been designing and guiding her own brands for over 10 years. We first discovered Adriana’s work through Ölend, a backpack and bag brand inspired by mountaineering aesthetics from the 40s and 50s. Later she would touch down at Les Marées, a timeless fashion brand that evokes Adriana’s own childhood memories and her travels through Brittany in France.

Born on the island of Mallorca, Adriana’s work is a constantly evolving dialogue between her environment and her roots. Her awareness of materials, shapes, and colors make her someone you’ll want to keep an eye on. Her projects are sure to win you over!

N.: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A.D.: I'm 32 years old. I’m from Mallorca and I came to study in Barcelona 14 years ago. In 2012 I started Ölend, an urban backpack brand, with my partner Fran. A few years ago we also launched Les Marées, a line of clothing and leather bags. Now, in addition to handling the creative direction for these two brands, I’m also a university professor. I have a dog that comes everywhere with me, and I love rollerskating.

N.: Ölend y Les Marées… What inspired you to become a fashion/accessories designer? Was it something you always wanted to be, or did you casually evolve into this profession?

A.D.: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved making my own clothes. At the beginning, I used a sewing machine and then later I was given a sewing machine and my grandmother taught me to use it. I studied audiovisual communication, and for the first few years after getting my degree I did artistic direction and wardrobe. In 2012, Fran and I signed up for a course on backpack making, and that’s where it all started. Our friends began asking us to make backpacks for them, and then it was friends of friends, and we started to grow through social networks.

N.:Craftsmanship is also an important concept for you. What's the process for creating an Ölend backpack?

A.D.: In the early years, we were very involved in the crafting process. Now, we’re able to offer a higher-quality product by entrusting the craftsmanship to professionals. But having been involved in all the processes gives us a much better understanding of their work. What I like most about the creative process is finding the right materials and combining colors of all the components.

N.:Of all the areas involved in your work, what’s your favorite? (brand creation, management, design, etc.)

A.D.: The moment I find an object, something that ignites that spark in me and drives me to create a new product.

N.: Mallorca and Brittany are places that have meant a lot to you, which is reflected in your creative process. Which is your favorite? Can you recommend a special place to go and unplug?

A.D.: Mallorca is a very important place in my life, but aesthetically, I think it's precisely the combination of northern and Mediterranean landscapes that defines me. My suggestion would be to visit one of those beaches in Brittany surrounded by cliffs and forests.

N.: Is there anything outside of your current profession that calls your attention, or that you’d like to learn more about?

A.D.: This past year I’ve been rollerskating a lot. I’d always enjoyed dancing, but now I’ve found the best way to do it. It’s time to unwind, and I love it.