I Hate Monday

Hong Jung Mi hated going back to work on Monday morning after a couple of fun-filled days. When her alarm went off, she put off thinking about everything that lay ahead of her and she avoided chatting about how short the weekend had been with her colleagues at the office.

There was a weariness that Hong Jung Mi channelled into creativity, designing a collection of colourful socks that she named in honour of the spark that had ignited this project: i hate monday.

While returning to work to see the long faces of her colleagues at the start of the week had been soul-crushing for her, adding a dash of colour to the offices in Seoul with her patterned, lively socks became her vital motivation.

This seed was then planted inside various vending machines in the Sinsa-dong commercial district in South Korea, where the socks quickly gained fans with their originality.

Now i hate monday has become a successful brand with its own store, which not only sells socks but also a lot of coffee. An ode to those difficult Mondays.

When Naguisa disembarked on the South Korean peninsula, Roundabout introduced us to Hong Jung Mi’s project and we forged a partnership to accompany VALL, this winter’s capsule collection. This project with i hate monday inaugurates a new chapter on our website: a series of collaborations in which we will bring you unique proposals very much in line with the Naguisa philosophy.

To celebrate this union – and so you can start the week off on the right foot – if you are one of the first five customers to purchase a pair of Naguisa today, you will receive a free pair of i hate monday socks.